Our Goal

Our priority as being Learn Turkish Dubai is to help our children gain the skills of listening, reading, wriTng and speaking in an interacTve environment supported by permanent learning techniques.

Mental and Intelligence Games

These games, which help children learn by having fun, let children direct their aVenTon and improve their ability to make quick decisions. The increase in children’s concentraTon also directly and posiTvely contributes to their lessons.

Creative Drama

Drama, which is an interacTve learning method, helps children to understand themselves and their environment beVer in order to develop self-confidence, independent thinking, and decision making system and showing empathy, as well as to help children discover similar and different aspects with others.


Game is the most important factor, because game is the most efficient way for children to learn beVer. The games we play during the lesson ensure that our children are always acTve in their excitement and curiosity.

We Teach by Having Fun

Our program’s most important aim is to teach our students, who are between the ages of 3 and 11, by entertaining Turkish language without boring them.

CreaTve Drama

“CreaTve Drama” is as an interacTve teaching method that strengthens social communicaTon skills and contributes to self-confidence development.


Music allows the child to learn the language by having fun. In addiTon, music is an important element for the child to easily repeat what he or she has learned.


As the children have a good Tme developing children’s world of imaginaTon, stories are contribuTng to abstract thinking ability and direct language development. 

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