Biz Türkçeyi Seviyoruz

Çocuklarımızla, ilk dersten itibaren masallar ve hikayeler okuyup, onları dramazite ediyoruz. Böylece, derslerin sonunda, onlara bir takım alışkanlıklar kazandırmanın yanı sıra, Türkçe hikayelerin de, masalların da zevkli olduğunu anlatarak, çocuklarımızı Türkçe düşünmeye sevkediyoruz.




Drama as an interactive education method, strengthens the social communication and support improving the self confidence.

There are many different activities with this program which is planned for 7-13 years kids.

Our aim in this program;

Provide the ability to the children to speak Turkish language and express themselves verbally

Develop vocabulary

To pronounce words correctly

Having plenty of fun and enjoying drama

Presenting the drama we made on the stage to the audience 🙂

Program duration is 10 weeks long and 1:30 hours each

All Turkish families in Dubai are always welcome for the show.




It provides the environment for 24-48 month old children to socialize and at the same time to make new experiences and discoveries. Many of the developmental areas are supported by activities that are appropriate for their age.

Kids are aimed to learn more quickly and easily with the help of a lot of knowledge and skills activities

This workshop supports the concept of color and number, language development, motor skills, cognitive development and creativity of the kids.

Our program is entertainment-focused and supports your child’s 5 development areas


Psychosocial & Emotional Development

Psychomotor Development

Individual Development Area

Language development

Every Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 11:00 for children between 24 and 48 months

Workshop time: 10 weeks and 60 minutes.




The Turkish learning program with drama techniques is an interactive educational method which strengthens social communication with creative drama and contributes to the development of self-confidence.

Our aim is;

Using children’s own language correctly

Be able to express oneself verbally

Improving vocabulary

To pronounce words correctly

Some of our themes that we use during our workshops are as follow;

I play with drama

I build new solutions with my friends

I discover

I develop communication skills

I use my imagination

I know myself




The main aim of the programme is to teach Turkish to students between the ages of 3 and 12 without boring them. Instead of lengthy lessons, the programme will provide a enjoyable and memorable learning experience.

Some of the methods we are using in our workshops are;

• Drama

• Games

• Music and Dance

• Experiments

• Art Activities

• Stories and Puppetry

• Physical Activities


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